System Status

All systems are operating normally at this time.  If you are having difficulty with any of Telebyte NW's services, please email OR call 360-613-5220 (800-936-5220 Outside Kitsap County) and let us know.

Phishing Emails - DO NOT REPLY!!

REMEMBER - Telebyte NW will NEVER ask for any personal information via email.  Especially login
and password information.

If you have any questions about this or are wondering if an email is valid, please call our office at 360-613-5220 (800-936-5220 Outside Kitsap County).  

Before Calling For Help More
Many problems you may experience with your connection can be easily corrected by following these simple steps:

  • Make sure the computer is on and functional.
  • Make sure the phone line is plugged into the modem (applies to DSL too).
  • Make sure you are using your correct username and password.  All DSL and Dialup access users MUST have "" after their username (without the quotes.
  • Shutdown the computer and turn off the power for 10 seconds; turn the computer back on.
  • If you use DSL, unplug the power from the DSL modem for 30 seconds, plug it back in and let it restart.
  • If you are using cable modem access and you have no connection to the internet at all, please contact your cable company for assistance.

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Need to renew a domain name that you originally purchased via Telebyte NW® domain registrations.  You can by clicking here.

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Telebyte NW® offers affordable domain registration of individuals and businesses alike.  You too can have:


Domain pricing starts as low as $9.95 a year1.

Do you have a website that requires you to have secure transactions?  Telebyte NW® can provide secure certificates as well!  Contact us for more information!


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1 with a 10 year registration agreement.