Key Settings:

Dial-Up Connection:

  • Username = is generally the name BEFORE the "@" symbol in your e-mail address.

  • Dial-Up Numbers = please contact our office for dial-up numbers.
    Warning: We will not be responsible for long-distance charges. It is up to you to make sure that our number is local to your location.

  • Primary DNS =

  • Secondary DNS =


  • Incoming Mail Server =

  • Outgoing Mail Server =

  • SMTP Authentication (e-mail username) is required to send e-mail.

  • You can also access your e-mail through a web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape) at

Filtering Proxy Settings:

  • Proxy Address =

  • Proxy Port = 3128

FTP & Personal Web Site:

  • FTP Host/Address =

  • Initial Remote Directory = Typically, no directory, initial remote directory or path.

  • Login/UserID = typically your username is the part BEFORE the "@" symbol in your e-mail address which will route you to the right directory.

  • Personal Website URL = The address of your website will follow this format:

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